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Puptables came to be after my fur baby, Bullet aka Bully, began suffering from severe skin allergies. Vets kept saying he had dermatitis and that it wasn’t related to his diet. He had mange as a puppy so it was the easy diagnosis, but not the correct one...

Meet Our Chefs


Ashley found her deep connection and love for animals early on as she grew up in a house with every possible type of pet. She’s been in restaurants her whole life with her mom being a chef for 40 years. She graduated with a Hospitality Management degree from FIU and was General Manager of her family’s restaurant, Ortanique on the Mile, for six years before moving into the kitchen. Being a chef for humans gave her the knowledge of understanding recipes and which ingredients work when cooking for dogs. Additionally, Ashley’s mom is the Culinary Ambassador for the Miami Cancer Institute and was able to utilize a lot of their research because many of the ingredients that are great for cancer patients and people with immune deficiencies also applies to canine health. Ashley is a firm advocate for shelter adoption/working with rescue groups. She commends them for all the selfless hard work they put into saving animals while still having full time jobs. Dennis and Ashley have adopted from Pawpatrol Animal Rescue as well as the most recent  Bullies-N-Beyond Rescue, Inc. They attempted to be fosters and failed shortly after, and now have three dogs and one cat.


Dennis grew up in Honduras with a lot of family dogs around. Although, Freya is his first pet he truly considers being his own. He started his kitchen career as a junior baker in a Miami favorite Vickys bakery. This is where he decided he wanted to go to culinary school. Around the time he was finishing his degree, 911 happened. He decided to enlist in the Army to fight for a country he now called home. Dennis completed two tours in the Army and is a decorated veteran honorably discharged with a purple heart. After adjusting back to civilian life, he went right back to cooking and ran kitchens at several prominent restaurants in Miami like Threefold café, Mortons, Talavera, and of course Ortanique on the Mile where he met his love, Ashley. He truly loves being a chef and creating new dishes, plus his history in the Army makes him a strong leader in the kitchen. 



Bullet aka Bully is the adorable gentle giant behind Puptables. He genuinely loves every single person and animal he meets. His sister Freya is the princess of the house and Dennis' first real pet. She came to Ashley and Dennis with heavy food and toy territory aggression, but with lots of love and training, they were able to bring out the lovable pup that she truly is. Floki is the newest addition to the house. Floki has an amazingly calm disposition and became part of the pack right away.  Rounding out the Hutson Funny Farm is Scar, Ashley’s furst-born. Ashley adopted him in college when she knew she wanted a pet but wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a dog. He was the best decision she ever made.

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